About SaveWater.CA.Gov

Welcome to SaveWater.CA.Gov, an online tool to help save water in your community. Improving water conservation and efficiency are the most efficient and cost-effective ways to quickly reduce water demand and extend supplies, providing flexibility for all California communities. Every drop of water saved and every suspected leak fixed will help secure our water supply.

This website allows you to easily report and send pictures of leaks or water waste from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Simply select the type of water waste from the list, type in the address and click send.

Your report is directed to the water agency serving the location where the report was made. You don’t need to know the name of the local water agency or how to contact them. This website does it for you!

Many local water agencies have their own methods for reporting water waste, whether by email, by phone or online app. SaveWater.CA.Gov, developed by the state, complements those efforts by providing an easy-to-use tool that directly reports water waste to the proper authority – anywhere in California.

All reporting is anonymous. We do not collect information on the reporter unless that person wants to provide an email address to receive confirmation that their report was delivered or to allow the local water agency to follow up.

Reporting water waste is only one of the ways you can save water. To learn other easy ways you can conserve water in your community, please visit Save Our Water.

Thank you for helping California save water!

Save Our Water Resources

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